Trade Pubs & Sites

NASBITE International members looking to keep current and up-to-date on international trade news and happenings will find access to the trade publications and informative websites interesting, educational and engaging.

Trade Pubs & Sites

Export Sales & Marketing Manual 2011

Referred to worldwide as the “Bible of Exporting” updated for 24 consecutive years. Ideal resource to prepare for NASBITE’...Continue Reading

Trade Finance Guide

Presentation on Trade Finance Guide by the International Trade Administration. Click

A Basic Guide To Exporting

Looking for a comprehensive overview of how to export? For more than 70 years, A Basic Guide to Exporting has been the ...Continue Reading

The Global Entrepreneur By James F. Foley

This book is extremely hands-on and practical for small business owners and even consultants specializing in the field of international trade. ...Continue Reading

International Trade Information Websites

The Internet is a gold mine of international trade information. Literally hundreds of Web sites offer valuable how-to guidance, ...Continue Reading