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No matter your interest or specialty in global business, NASBITE International has something for you. We are the only organization that serves both academics and practitioners in the global business profession.

Benefits of NASBITE Membership
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Access to members-only resources on the website,
complimentary material from friends of NASBITE, & more

  • Complimentary Bonuses

    Get free stuff and special discounts from friends of NASBITE International

    From MSU’s GlobalEdge: Free CGBP training modules for all four CGBP domains.

    From Capfornia CITDs - Free Export Start-Up Kits:

    Exporting Basics

    Export Readiness Assessment

    Export FAQs

    Export Internet Wizard

    From World Trade Press:

    Special member discounts on international and domestic trade and logistics reference pubpcations

    Comprehensive electronic trade content for research or training purposes

    And speciapzed maps in the form of posters, desk and mouse pads, map/calendars, and large-sized wall art.

    PLUS - Free Trade Information Database with extensive pnks to over 1,000 sources of trade tools and information in 12 categories and 47 subcategories.

  • New Website & Listserve.

    International business course outlines/syllabi shared by members.

    Access to the Conference proceedings for the sessions you missed.

    Links to grant funding sources for trade education purposes (BIE grants, etc.).

    Abstracts of winning BIE grants.

    Comment on articles and resources posted to the website.

    Members can post to the Events Calendar to promote local activities.

    Members see detailed contact information in the NASBITE Members Directory.

    Members have profile fields to describe trade education institution and educational programs.

    A Jobs Board for posting job offers and job-search resumes.

    Guides to careers in international trade, from Canada’s FITT and the California CITDs..

    Seek List Serv and/or Help Desk advice or answers to specific questions.

    The NASBITE ListServe reaches all paid members, plus over 1,200 others in our field (prospective members) interested in NASBITE developments.

    Hear about possible job openings in and outside the academic arena.

  • Annual Conference

    Hear 3-4 outstanding keynote presentations.

    Attend or present breakout sessions on business education, trade skills, CGBP, and grants topics..

    Get the latest news & stay abreast of new technology.

    Promote your programs or events of interest to members.

    See who’s doing what in your field.

    Get tips on grant opportunities and how to write and administer grants.

    Hear all the latest on the CGBP exam and CGBP training programs and guides..

    Enjoy recognition if selected as NASBITE’s International Trade Educator of the Year.

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Who Joins NASBITE International?
Leaders in International Trade & your peers!

International Trade Educators & Administrators,
Business Assistance & Trade Promotion Organizations, and...

  • Trade Educators

    Universities and Colleges

    Community and Technical Colleges

    U.S. Department of Education

    Canada’s Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)

    International Association of Trade Training Organizations (IATTO)

  • Trade Assistance Orgs.

    USDOC’s International Trade Administration (ITA)

    USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

    U.S. Small Business Administration

    Small Business Development Centers

    State and Regional Economic Development Agencies

    Community-Based Trade Assistance Centers

    World Trade Centers

    Chambers of Commerce

  • Trade Promotion Orgs.


    Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

    IATTO -Member Trade Promotion Organizations

    Trade Service Providers and Practitioners

    Exporters and Importers

    Freight Forwarders, Transportation and Logistics Providers

    International Bankers and Insurers

    International Trade Consultants

    International Lawyers

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7 More Reasons to Join
See the value.

No other trade organization can match our
intercultural perspective, professional network, or experience.

  • But...

    1. We are truly an intercultural experience.

    Our members come mostly from the U.S., Canada and Mexico, but also from many other countries through our affiliation with the International Association of Trade Training Organization (IATTO).

    2. Our members represent all sectors of the global business profession, and love to share what they’re doing.

    Where else will you find this mix of perspectives in a single organization?

     • Trade educators at universities, colleges and training institutions

     • Trade specialists at the federal, state and local level

     • Trade-service providers of logistics, finance, legal, market research, and others

     • Managers and staff in trade-related businesses

    3. Our annual Conference is famous for its “take-away” value and camaraderie.

    You’ll especially enjoy the ample time to network with peers, find out who’s doing what, hear about best practices in your field, get tips on grant and career opportunities, and basically have a good time. Here’s what you can expect at our next Conference in Charleston, South Carolina April 3-5, 2011.

     • Outstanding keynote presenters

     • Over 45 breakout sessions in five interrelated tracks

     • Opportunities to make presentations on your programs and share your expertise

     • Opportunities to meet old and new friends during breaks and at evening receptions

     • Opportunity to see the latest technology and tools from our vendor-exhibitors

     • Recognition as Trade Educator of the Year, if nominated and selected

     • Recognition for winning one of three Program Excellence awards if nominated and selected

     • A record of the proceedings for the sessions you missed

  • Wait...

    4. We originated the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) credential.

    After four years of design and development, NASBITE launched the CGBP exam in New Orleans in 2004 and now offers it semiannually in 12 nationwide locations. NASBITE members played the lead role in defining the knowledge and task requirements and writing the exam questions. Because of our pioneering role, NASBITE members have a leg up on others on all matters CGBP.

     • NASBITE members are the first to hear about CGBP developments and opportunities

     • The CGBP is prominently featured in breakout sessions at our annual Conference

     • NASBITE members have received the most number of grants to develop CGBP training aids.

     • More NASBITE members than others have taken and passed the rigorous CGBP exam

     • NASBITE’s membership fee is waived for first-year CGBPs.

    5. NASBITE can help you do your job better and advance your career. In addition to the content and contacts you get at the annual Conference, our revamped Website brings you a fingertip away from a wealth of trade education and assistance resources.

     • International business course outlines/syllabi shared by members

     • Links to the best sources of on-line trade information

     • An Events Calendar that tells you what’s happening of interest in your area

     • A NASBITE Members Directory to facilitate contact and identify members with like interests and specialized expertise

     • A Jobs Board for posting job offers and job-search Resumes

     • International Trade Career Guides from Canada’s FITT and the California CITDs

     • On-line access to the Conference Proceedings for the sessions you missed

  • There's More!

    6. Get the scoop on grants to finance new projects or augment your resources.It’s no accident that many NASBITE members have received Department of Education Title VI B (BIE) grants for trade education and assistance projects.

     • Our annual Conference always has a session on how to get and manage BIE grants.

     • The BIE Program Manager regularly attends the Conference to offer tips and advice

     • Grant recipients often make presentations on their projects at Conference breakout sessions

     • We post links to grant funding sources and Abstracts of winning BIE grants on our Website

     • NASBITE grant recipients are often willing to share their grant narratives with fellow members

    7. Not enough? How about the free stuff and discounts from our generous partners.

     • Free: MSU’s GlobalEdge -- CGBP training modules for all four CGBP domains

     • California CITDs -- Export Start-Up Kit, includes Exporting Basics, Export Readiness Assessment, Export FAQs, and Export Internet Search Wizard.

     • Discount: World Trade Press -- Publications and reference works.

     • Centradex -- Integrated database of U.S., State and foreign trade statistics and companies.

     • Euromonitor – Surveys of the U.S. and foreign markets for specific products

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How to Join NASBITE International
in just 3 steps...

Create a profile, pay the annual dues,
and then you're done!

  • STEP ONE: Register

    Register to create a profile using any of the "STEP ONE: Register" tabs one this page.

    Registering will give you access to the payment form, which is the next step in the three-step process of becoming a NASBITE member...

  • STEP TWO: Pay Annual Dues

    After you register you'll have access to the payment form where you can pay your annual membership dues.

    Student Membership: $25.00

    Individual Membership: $95.00

    Institutional Membership:
    (This type of membership applies only for groupes of people from the same institution)

      •  1 - 4 members: $285.00
    plus $70.00 per member

      •  5-10 members: $285.00
    plus $60.00 per member

      •  11-15 members: $645.00
    plus $50.00 per member

  • STEP THREE: Participate!

    When your payment is processed, you'll automatically be upgraded from "Pending" to Approved NASBITE Member; after you logout and log back in, your new status will be recognized by our system and you'll get full access to the members-only section of this website along with all the other benefits enjoyed by our community.

    Once you've been upgraded to NASBITE Member - Approved status, you'll also want to take a little time to update your profile with relevant information about you, your business, and your experience in International Trade.

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