NASBITE Conference


STEP ONE: Register
(unless you're a current NASBITE member or CGBP)

Not a NASBITE Member yet, but still want to attend the conference? It's the perfect intro to our community!

  • Who Needs To Register?

    If you would like to attend the annual NASBITE International conference April 18th - 20th, 2012 in Portland, Oregon, the first step is to ensure you have a profile on this website to register under.

    Current NASBITE Members and CGBPs already have a valid profile, and after logging in, may skip to Step Two below: "Pay Attendance Fee."

    Use the login link provided in the upper-right corner of this page if you already have a profile, then return to this page for payment.

    NOTE: Even if your institution is paying for your conference registration, you are still required to register for the conference under a valid profile--either the one you create in this step, or your pre-existing NASBITE Member / CGBP profile.

  • Where To Register?

    If you're not currently a CGBP or NASBITE Member, you may create a Conference Attendee profile to register under by clicking the tab above labeled "Register Here."

    After submitting your registration, you will receive a system-generated email with a confirmation link which you must click in order to verify your intent to create a profile on the NASBITE website.

    When you've verified your new account, you'll need to login and then proceed to Step Two for payment.


    If you represent an institution, and intend to pay for multiple attendees (possibly including yourself), please note that each attendee from your institution will still need to complete all steps in this registration process (and if they aren't current NASBITE Members or CGBPs, each attendee will also need to create a profile here in Step One).

    Institutional rates will be provided to pay for multiple attendees in one transaction. However, each attendee from your institution will also need to place an order in Step Two, below. A zero-cost "Paid By Institution" option will be available for these paid-for attendees.

    Prior to making a payment on behalf of individuals from your institution planning to attend the conference, please ensure that each attendee has created a profile here in Step One (or already has a NASBITE Member / CGBP profile).

STEP TWO: Pay Attendance Fee
Pay securely & conveniently via credit card via PayPal

Don't miss our special rates for students, NASBITE Members,
and group discounts for Institutions.

  • Prices & Discounts

    • $425 Early Bird Rate
    (deadline: January 31, 2012)

    • $75 Spouse Rate

    • $495 Standard Rate (NASBITE Members)

    • $400 Group Registration (per person, 3 person minimum, all attendees must be affiliated with sponsoring institution)

    • $650 Non-Member

    • $350 CGBP Boot Camp

    • $750 Boot Camp + Conference

    • $275 Student Rate

    • $75 CGBP Reception Guests (pending availability)

  • Where & How To Pay?

    The preferred method of payment is by credit card via PayPal, accessible by clicking the tab above labeled "Pay Here"

    You may also: Pay By Check / View Our Return Policy

    NOTE: even if you are paying by check, you must have either a valid NASBITE Member and/or CGBP profile, or a profile you created in STEP ONE above, prior to sending in a payment.

    To avoid delays in processing your payment, if you are an institution paying by check, please include the full names of all attendees from your institution covered by your payment, and ensure they have valid profiles via STEP ONE above, or pre-existing NASBITE Member and/or CGBP profiles.

  • After Payment

    Be sure to save all system-generated emails sent to you after your payment is received, as these will serve as proof-of-purchase and your receipt for the conference.

    Don't forget to peruse the additional conference add-ons in STEP THREE below. Add-ons are only available to paid conference attendees, and are purchased individually, one add-on per transaction / payment.

    If you are paying by check, you may total the cost of attending the conference, plus your desired add-ons, to enable payment with a single check, but please be aware of the following caveats:

    • double-check the total amount to remit; mistakes will delay the processing of your order

    • include a note with the full names of all attendees which your payment applies to

    • if paying by check, your order is not valid until you receive written confirmation from NASBITE that your check has cleared, and that your order has been approved

  • You must register (STEP ONE) and/or log in with a valid profile before you can access this payment form.

STEP THREE: Purchase Conference Addons
Make the most out of NASBITE 2012!

Pre-conference workshops offer international trade
training from leading experts.

  • Trade Logistics


  • Grant Writing 101


  • CGBP Boot Camp


  • You must register (STEP ONE) and/or log in with a valid profile before you can access this payment form.