CGBP Certified Trainer Designation

As Approved by the NASBITE Board of Governors & CGBP Accreditation Task Force on October 24, 2009. Revised by NASBITE Board of Governors & CGBP Accreditation Task Force on April 7, 2010.

Certified Trainer Designation (CGBP Trainers are qualified to teach all four domains).

Credential Requirements:

  1. Personally earned CGBP certification
  2. Three years work experience with trade and/or trade education
  3. “Bachelor” degree or 10 years of experience in appropriate field

Application Requirements
The applicant will submit:

  1. Accreditation application
  2. $150 non-refundable application fee. If approved, will be applied to certified trainer fees
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Two references from clients or organizations involved in the international trade and development attesting to the applicant’s expert knowledge and instructional capabilities associated with level of accreditation being applied for
  5. A list of international trade seminars or international business courses previously taught or speaking engagements related to international trade.
  6. A list of materials developed for at least one seminar/presentation. These should include text, PowerPoint presentation, handout materials, website, etc. (Note: The CGBP Accreditation Committee may request the applicant submit copies, samples or extracts of any or all training materials for review)

Certified Designation Validity Period
Certified Trainer Designation will be valid for a period of three years.

Application Fee
Trainer Accreditation fee is $300.

Certified Designation Review Frequency

  1. The accreditation committee will accept applications for review 2 times per year
  2. Deadlines posted on the NASBITE CGBP Website

CGBP Logo Usage

  1. The Certified Trainer will have the right to use the NASBITE CGBP logo on all training, marketing and promotional materials
  2. The logo may be used as long as the trainer maintains accredited status with NASBITE International

Continuance of Certified Designation

  1. Completion of CGBP Trainer Accreditation Continuance Application
  2. Submit documentation of any changes or updates made to program and/or trainers/educators
  3. Presented in a trainer program at least 2 times during the accreditation period
  4. Continuance of CGBP Trainer Accreditation will be valid for three years
  5. CGBP Trainer Accreditation Continuance fee is $300

Under Advisement

  1. CGBP Subject Matter Expert SME- a person qualified to teach a specific domain subject
  2.  The need for improved continuance criteria, including possible attendance at professional development courses at NASBITE conferences