NASBITE Committees

NASBITE has created a new committee structure through which the organization will be better poised to fulfill its mission of advancing global business practice, education, and training.

NASBITE Committees

Board Development Committee

Boards of non-profit organizations have customarily used nomination committees to identify and recommend new directors.  Often these committees meet just ...Continue Reading

Organizational Governance Committee

The Organizational Governance Committee is responsible for proposing and incorporating updates to the NASBITE by-laws as approved by the Board of ...Continue Reading

CGBP Committee

The CGBP Committee is responsible increasing CGBP’s success as evidenced by the number of individuals sitting for the exam, ...Continue Reading

Marketing And Public Relations Committee

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing a marketing plan for effective promotion of membership benefits, conferences, and ...Continue Reading

Outreach And Partnerships Committee

The Outreach and Partnerships Committee is responsible for initiating and developing outreach to outside organizations that will attract and develop relationships ...Continue Reading

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