NASBITE International is a professional organization for the global business community. Members include educators, trainers, trade specialists and practitioners that engage in or facilitate global business activity.

  • Organization & History

    Organization & History

    NASBITE International originated as the North American Small Business International Trade Educators bringing together international trade programs nationwide. NASBITE International is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

  • NASBITE Committees

    NASBITE Committees

    NASBITE has created a new committee structure through which the organization will be better poised to fulfill its mission of advancing global business practice, education, and training.

  • NASBITE Partners

    NASBITE Partners

    NASBITE recognizes the importance of collaboration and is particularly proud of its affiliations with some of the leading U.S. and international organizations in the trade education and assistance field.


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About NASBITE International

NASBITE International is a professional organization for the global business community. Our members include global business educators and ...

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In the early 1980's, a strong movement began to place international trade education in a more prominent position in colleges, ...

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NASBITE Board of Governors And Staff

The NASBITE Board of Governors (BOG) consists of 24 members and meets three times per year, twice at the Annual Conference ...

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